Your ideas in the spotlight.
Bringing your business, creativity, and infinite potential
together in a personalized, elegant solution.


Running Weasel Resources provides professional, custom web solutions from businesses to personal hobbies. We aim for quality based, customer oriented solutions delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to bring our clients a professional presence on the World Wide Web.

About R.W.R.

We combine the talents of professional programmers and experienced graphic designers in order to best serve our customers. Some of our benefits we offer include:

  • A combined industry experience of over 15 years.
  • Efficient coding that follows the latest W3C standards.
  • Advanced knowledge in RSS Feeds, CSS, Databases, PHP, Blogs and Photo Galleries.
  • Quick response time to inquiries and extended support.
  • Cross browser support and testing to ensure the broadest spectrum of viewers.
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